ePolicyWorks Twitter Chats: Enhancing Citizen Engagement through Digital Conversations

The key to any good dialogue is to keep the conversation going. That’s why ePolicyWorks hosts Twitter chats – whether to continue to find important details from our online dialogues or to further engage with citizens on important topics around disability employment. Twitter chats are a quick and easy way to interact with citizens and deliver information. Follow us on Twitter and learn more about upcoming or read archived past chats, below.

Upcoming Twitter Chats

Stay tuned for upcoming chats!

Technical Support Questions

Q. What is a Twitter chat?

A. A Twitter chat is an organized event where people participate in an interactive conversation through tweets. Our Twitter chats each focus on a pre-arranged topic and use a specific hashtag unique to each chat. The hashtag allows you to easily follow the conversation on Twitter. The chats are scheduled for a designated time and date and are archived on this web page for you to view at any time.

Q. How do I participate?

A. In order to join an ePolicyWorks Twitter chat, you must have created and be logged into your Twitter account. Once you log in, use the designated hashtag to share your thoughts and follow the progression of the chat in real time.

Q. What are some tips for joining a chat?

1. Participate! We want to hear from you.
2. Include the designated hashtag in all of your tweets during the chat.
3. Each question will start with the letter “Q” and a number to indicate where we are in the chat (for example: Q1, Q2, etc.). Reply with the letter “A” and the number of the question you’re answering (A1, A2, etc.).
4. Share tweets that you like by retweeting or replying to them.
5. Use an individual’s Twitter handle if you want to reply to them directly – and don’t forget the chat hashtag!
6. You may wish to refer to our ePolicyWorks Social Media User Agreement for general questions.

Q. Who do I contact if I need help?

A. Please contact ePolicyWorks@dol.gov if you have any questions.